Startups Nexus by DIA

These are the four selected Startups that will work together with DIA during10 weeks of the programme Nexus by DIA.


Plant Jammer, Denmark

A company specializing in vegetarian cuisine, which uses artificial intelligence to compare the ingredients available to users in their kitchens and recommends the best way to combine them for the preparation of recipes. It is a never-ending cookbook at your fingertips. How? Its secret recipe is a neural network trained with millions of online recipes.

Talking Circles, United Kingdom

A business platform for continuous learning among co-workers. They bring employees together to share a unique experience, helping them to be more productive. Talking Circles is an efficient way to collaborate and share organizational knowledge at scale, allowing companies to boost engagement, build capacity and retain their best talent.

Wasteless, Israel

Increases sales and reduces waste generation by allocating changing prices that allow the consumer to choose how much to pay for a product based on its expiration date. Also, this tool monitors stock levels and will send a warning notification if a product is out of stock or to lower the price when it has been in the shelf for too long.

Neuromobile, Spain

Neuromobile’s retail solution is a set of technologies and applications designed to provide customized, tangible and effective solutions to brand managers. It is a simple and intuitive system that allows management of multiple points of sale from a singular platform. It provides information about customers’ individual habits and preferences, in order to develop effective and efficient marketing actions, while also measuring results in real-time.