Find out about Nexus by DIA programme

Nexus by DIA offers startups access to 10 weeks of senior leadership and expert knowledge across it’s network, working together to shape

the future of the supermarket experience.

Based in our Madrid Headquarters startups will have the opportunity to access our 40 million plus customers base, test solutions in DIA stores across Spain, as well as accessing our data and customer insights to develop a shopping experience that truly delights our customers.

We are ready to partner with leading startups to power innovation in retail, if you have something you think we need to see – tell us!

What are we looking for


DIA has 7,799 stores across Spain, Portugal, Argentina & Brazil , 51% of which are operated through a franchise model. The needs of customers across these geographies varies but our customer is unique  , and we want to understand preferences and customize their experience for each of these groups.

We want to create a customer experience that allows DIA to communicate with our customers at the right moment, with the right offer, in the right location, and through the best channel. We’re looking for tools that can take the data and insights we have and leverage them to create personalised, localised experiences for our customers, as well as those non-customers who we’re not yet serving.

Optimizing the Chain

Our branches are small, locally operated proximity stores. They can be small in size but encourage large footfall, which sometimes means that stock is not where we expect it to be or where it needs to be.

We want startups to help us maximise opportunities in a number of areas in supply chain and stock management. This can include initial insights and information about our stock, the processes that can help us to manage our end to end supply chain more effectively as well as our customer’s own stock – for instance, how can we help our customers make the best use of the fresh produce they buy off our shelves?

Listening & Implementing Customer Feedback

Our customers are at the heart of our activity. DIA has more than 40 million customers to whom we listen closely and who we are constantly opening up new lines of dialogue with. Our Club DIA loyalty programme already has more than 19 million active clients and last year our customers participated with us in more than 750,000 monthly surveys.

All that valuable feedback and information from customers is key to helping us to make decisions and improve our stores – we’re now looking for solutions that can help us understand and implement this feedback faster and in a more agile way.

Future of Shopping

What will shopping look like in five years? We have 44,000 employees, over 40 million customers and operate in some of the largest markets in the world.

Our customers are increasingly opting for frictionless, delightful experiences that blend the digital and in-store. We want to know what startups are working on promising in-store technologies, engagement platforms or service assistants and how they could help make our experience in store and online better for customers.

Whether large in scope or very detailed in focus, innovations in this category have a vast opportunity to impact the retail space.


DIA is on a journey to power new innovations and bring great ideas to the Spanish grocery market. Wildcard is for startups who don’t identify with any of the other categories but think they have a solution that DIA and our customers will be delighted by. If you’ve got something we should hear about get in touch and surprise us!

What’s on offer

Mentorship from senior leadership at DIA Group

Product validation from DIA stakeholders and customers

Testing in a live DIA store

A network of external mentors with diverse market expertise

Opportunity to gain investment from L Marks and/or DIA


  • Application close: 27 August

    Complete applications will be reviewed after this date, and we’ll be in touch to let you know if you have progressed to the next stage.

  • Pitch day: 28 September

    Pitch Day is your startup’s chance to pitch to senior leadership at DIA and win a place on the programme.

  • Programme live: 30 October

    The 10-week intensive collaboration between you and DIA starts here, supported by senior leadership and external mentors.

  • Demo day: 23 January 2018

    At Demo Day you’ll show us what your startup has achieved over the 10 weeks and present your proposal for future engagement with DIA.

Who we are

Nexus by DIA is a partnership programme between DIA and corporate innovation specialist L Marks.

DIA (Distribuidora Internacional de Alimentación) is an international food retailer that also distributes fast-moving and HPC goods. DIA is traded on the Madrid Stock Exchange and is part of the Ibex 35, the main reference index of the Spanish stock market. In 2016, gross sales under banner reached EUR10.5bn and the company had 7,799 stores in the countries in which it operates: Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina and China.

The company has an extensive network close to 8,000 stores (proprietary and franchise stores). DIA operates under different formats, including DIA Market, DIA Maxi, Clarel or Minipreço in order to provide shoppers with a broad range of products at unbeatable prices.